Tune in on 3/23 for special guests Deputy Robert Pequeño and Coast to Coast

Detective Pequeno

Sundays may not be perfect, but they can be wonderful. “Your Wonderful Life” with Pastor Andy Q, joined by his loyal sidekick Bil Hatch, airs from 9 to 10pm (PST) on AM830; listen live on the radio in SoCal or online at http://www.pastorandyq.com/. Listen with a smile on your face as this unique ministry team delivers the traditional message of Jesus’ love for you…in a nontraditional way.

During the broadcast (both on the radio and the internet), Bil will be hosting his regular LIVE Facebook Simulcast on the Your Wonderful Life Facebook Page (http://t.co/lfg8Mls7), giving out extra tidbits for the serious listeners and humorous asides for the not so serious ones. Continue reading