Tuning into God’s voice on this week’s “Your Wonderful Life” (10/12).

Pastor Andy Quient and Bil Hatch will discuss “tuning in” to God’s voice on this Sunday’s “Your Wonderful Life.” Tune into AM830 this Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 9 PM and listen to Andy and Bil share their stories on how to “tune it” to God’s voice.

Reverend Doug Hubbard with the American Baptist Church will also call in to talk about how he and his community of churches are empowering youth to be authentic, caring people.

Doug is the Southwest Regional Youth and Missions Minister with the American Baptist Church. For more information on the American Baptist Church and Doug Hubbard, visit ABCLA.org.

If you’re outside the Southern California area and want to listen to the show live, go to http://www.am830klaa.com/ and click on the “Listen Live” link located on the page.

You can also follow us and join the discussion on Facebook at “Your Wonderful Life” or via Twitter using #YWL

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