This is the official blog of “Your Wonderful Life,” the weekly radio show featuring Pastor Andy Quient and Bil Hatch, airing Sunday nights at 9:30 PM on AM 830 KLAA.

Pastor Andy Quient is a member of the American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, Southwest and Hawaii . He left a highly successful career in corporate America to become a minister and help others have a wonderful life!

Hatch is the director of B3 Omni.

Lia produces the show and was awarded the Presidential Medal of honor for putting up with Bil and Andy.

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  1. How does Lia “produce” the show? I honestly don’t know how that is done. I poked B3 Omni and still have no idea what that is, though the location seems to be near the beauty salon.

  2. Wow! We’re not keeping this up to date much. Bil and I are not on most of the time anymore except in reruns. Rocco, Beth, and pastor Joel are doing a killer job though.

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